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The Treat Factory


  • Christmas Condiments Gift Pack
Maxwells Treats
White Brandy Sauce
Cherry Vanilla Bourban Jam
Cranberry & Orange Cognac Sauce

    Christmas Gift Pack. Gourmet Condiments. $25.00

    An indulging pack of Christmas Condiments, made by Maxwell's Treats.  This pack includes: White Brandy Sauce 200mls Cranberry & Orange Cognac Sauce 200mls Cherry & Vanilla Bourbon Jam 250gms   The...

  • Mini Gift Pack. 
Sample Pack
Maxwells Treats

    Taster Pack. Trio of mini sweet condiments $8.00

    A delightful taster pack of sweet condiments. These include a selection of 3 best selling seasonal jam, butter or marmalade.  A great gift or an indulgent taster set.  This pack contains 3 x 40gm condiments...

  • Peach & Almond Jam
Maxwells Treats

    Peach & Almond Jam $6.00

    Sweet juicy peaches and almonds make for a delightful jam for your toast, scones and pikelets. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, peach, citric acid, pectin.

  • Fig & Walnut Jam
MAxwells Treats

    Fig & Walnut Jam $6.00

    Fig and Walnut Jam is a unique and versatile jam. It partners perfectly with fruit toast, on cheese boards or dollop a teaspoon on your porridge.  250gms Ingredients: sugar, reconstituted fig 40%, walnuts, citric acid,...

  • Peach Melba Jam
Maxwells Treats

    Peach Melba Jam $6.00

    Honouring operatic singer Dame Nellie Melba. Serve on scones or toast. 200gms Peach Melba Jam Ingredients: sugar, raspberry, peach, vanilla, grand marnier, lemon juice, pectin.

  • Poached Pear Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Poached Pear Jam $6.00

    If you love a hot apple & pear crumble your mouth will water over Poached Pear Jam.  We stew our pears in spice and ginger before producing a smooth flavourful jam.  250gms Ingredients: sugar, pear 41%, spice,...

  • Pear & Vanilla Bean Jam

    Pear & Vanilla Bean Jam $6.00

    If you haven't tried Pear & Vanilla Bean Jam, you are missing out. It's simple but full of flavour. Lovely on toasted sourdough or try on a scone.   250gms Ingredients: sugar, pear 41%, spice, citric acid,...

  • Christmas Jam
Maxwell's Treats
The Treat Factory
Australian Gourmet

    Christmas Jam $6.50

    Christmas Jam is blend of strawberry, cranberries and orange with a hint of festive spice. Rich and chunky Christmas Jam can be served on toast or with scones as well as cold meats, cheeses or on a...

  • Pineapple Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Pineapple Jam $6.00

    Add a little sun to your toast or scones. Pineapple Jam with chunks of bright Australian pineapples. 250gms Pineapple Jam Ingredients: sugar, pineapple 33%, citric acid, pectin, water, added. Australian Made. ...

  • Plum Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Plum Jam $6.00

    Dark rich Satsuma Plums the king of plums. Simmered slowly to rich perfection Plum Jam is an old time classic. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, plums 43%, citric acid, pectin.

  • Tropical Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Tropical Jam $6.00

    Pineapple , Mango and Passionfruit makes this a tropical treat in a jar. Maxwell's Treats Pineapple Mango and Passionfruit Jam is great with toast, scones or pancakes. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, pineapple20%, mango 15%,...

  • Tomato Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Tomato Jam $6.00

    Grandma's recipe, part of The Treat Factory family tradition still continues with this tomato jam. Tomato Jam for those who like less sweet tasting jam. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, tomato41%,pectin, citric acid...

  • Tomato Passionfruit Jam
Maxwells Treats
The Treat Factory

    Tomato & Passionfruit Jam $6.00

    A delicate twist on a very traditional Jam. Maxwell's Treats Tomato and Passionfruit Jam is sweet and a little sour. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, tomato 40%,passionfruit 4%, citric acid, pectin.

  • Tomato & Ginger Jam
Maxwell's Treats
The Treat Factory Berry

    Tomato & Ginger Jam $6.00

    The old time classic red tomatoes simmered with pieces of ginger. Tomato and Ginger Jam a preserve for those who like a not so sweet . 250gms Ingredients: sugar, tomato 39%, ginger 2%, citric acid, pectin...

  • Sweet Orange Jam
Maxwell's Treats
The Treat Factory

    Sweet Orange Jam $6.00

    Sweet shredded oranges makes for a subtle mild tang. Try Maxwell's Treats Orange Marmalade on toast. Partners well with cream. Or mix into slices and glace cakes.  Made in Australia from local South Coast citrus. ...

  • Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Rhubarb & Ginger Jam $6.00

    Red Summer tart rhubarb with the sweet sugar and the heat of ginger. Rhubarb and Ginger Jam the perfect combination. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, rhubarb 44%, ginger 2%, citric acid, pectin.

  • Rhubarb Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Rhubarb Jam $6.00

    Red summer tart rhubarb with sugar to sweeten makes Rhubarb Jam a favourite for rhubarb lovers. Add to crumbles and slices or slather on scones and toast. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, rhubarb 44%, citric acid, pectin...

  • Quince Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Quince Jam $6.00

    The ancient Quince fruit rich and fragrant makes an ideal Jam. Maxwell's Treats Quince Jam partners well with cheese and meats. Try on your next sandwich or with cheese and crackers. Also can be used as a glaze.  ...

  • Plum & Brandy Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Plum & Brandy Jam $6.00

    Dark rich Satsuma Plums simmered with a touch of brandy. Maxwell's Treats Plum and Brandy Jam has a wicked twist to the usual plum jam. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, plums 41%, brandy, citric acid, pectin.

  • Pineapple & Ginger Jam
Maxwell's Treats

    Pineapple & Ginger Jam $6.00

    Sweet tropical pineapples and the heat of ginger makes Pineapple and Ginger Jam a great combination for those who like a little heat with their sweet. 250gms Ingredients: sugar, pineapple 33 %, ginger 7%, citric acid, pectin...