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  • Licorice Straws.
The Treat Factory

    The Treat Factory

    Licorice Straws

    Licorice Straws Discover the fun and crunchy delight of The Treat Factory Licorice Straws. These bite-sized treats offer a perfect balance of texture and taste, providing a satisfying crunch with a tube of soft licorice hidden inside.  Weight:...

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  • BBQ Peanuts

    Maxwell's Treats

    BBQ Peanuts

    BBQ Peanuts Experience the delicious flavour of The Treat Factory BBQ Peanuts, also known as Kri Kri's, a crowd-pleaser at any gathering. These peanuts are carefully roasted and coated in a crispy BBQ seasoning, offering a satisfying crunch and a smoky,...

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  • DIY Chocolate Box  Workshop
The Treat Factory

    DIY Chocolate Box Workshop 16th July @ 2pm

    Make your own box of assorted chocolates. DIY Chocolate Box Workshop: An in-depth class, involving talking and tasting about different types of chocolate from raw 100% cacao, dark, milk, ruby and white. You will then get your hands busy crafting a...

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