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The Treat Factory


  • Gourmet Tea
Australian Breakfast Tea. 
The Treat Factory

    Australian Breakfast Tea $9.70

    A premium blend of tea that is refreshing and revitalising not just for breakfast but all day long. Australian Breakfast Tea can be enjoyed black or with milk. 

  • Gourmet traditional Bengali Chai Loose Leaf Tea

    Bengali Chai Tea $9.70

    Bengali Chai is a traditional Chai. Made from black tea, pepper, cinnamon, cardamon seeds, cloves & ginger. Brew 5-8 minutes at 95C-100C. 50gms

  • Bushfire Breakfast Tea
Camp Tea

    Bushfire Breakfast Tea $9.70

    A full flavoured black campfire style breakfast tea.  

  • Calmness Tea 
Herbal Tea
Relax and Unwind

    Calmness Tea $9.70

    Relax and unwind with a premium organic herbal blend with chamomile, natural orange and smooth vanilla.     

  • Gourmet Tea
Caramel Tea
The Treat Factory

    Caramel Tea with Macadamias $9.70

    A black tea blend with pieces of caramel. A creamy, smooth tea. Enjoy with milk.

  • China Jasmine Green Tea

    China Jasmine Green Tea $9.70

    China Jasmine Green Tea is one off the most popular green teas from China. Green Tea is delicately flavoured with fragrant fresh jasmine blossoms Ingredients: Green tea & Jamine Blossoms

  • Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey Tea $9.70

    Earl Grey Tea is a classic full bodied black tea blended lightly with bergamot.

  • English Breakfast Premium Tea Gift Box

    English Breakfast Tea $9.70

    A traditional breakfast tea blend. Full bodied with good flavour & strength.

  • Energy Tea
Fitness Tea

    Fitness Tea $9.70

    Need a get up and go? Try this stimulating herbal blend with apple, citrus, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, basil, and green rooitea.

  • Gourmet Tea
Ginger Tea

    Ginger Tea $9.70

    Ginger Tea is a black tea with Ginger pieces. A soothing and refreshing tea that helps aide digestion.

  • Lapsong Souchong Tea Gift Box

    Lapsong Souchong Tea $9.70

    A Traditional Chinese Tea infused with the smoke from wood fires.

  • Australian Lemon Myrtle Leaf Black Tea

    Lemon Myrtle Leaf & Black Tea $9.70

    Australian Lemon Myrtle leaf mixed with black tea is a refreshing drink on a hot day. 

  • Lime & Coconut Green Tea

    Lime & Coconut Green Tea $9.70

    A refreshing and mild green sencha tea with delicate hints of coconut, lime and sunflower Petals. 40g

  • Morning Tea
Loose Leaf

    Morning Tea $9.70

    A refreshing start to the day with the peppermint, lemon, hibiscus and grapefruit.  

  • Mulled Wine

    Mulled Wine Spice $9.70

    A naturally fruity blend of rosehip, citrus, cinnamon and exotic spices with natural bourbon vanilla. Can be made as mulled wine. Contains: Rosehip peels, orange peels, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom seeds, natural flavour...

  • Night Time Tea

    Night Time Tea $9.70

    Sleep well with a cup of this Night Time caffeine free roobios tea with carraway, aniseed, fennel, balm mint and sunflower petals.  

  • Punjabi Loose Leaf Tea

    Punjabi Chai Tea $9.70

    2014 RAST GOLD MEDAL WINNER. Punjabi Chai, spiced black tea: the original "Silvertip Punjabi Chai" with a sweet, spicy fruity flavour. Contains: Black tea, citrus peel, rose petals, almonds, cloves, cardamom, vanilla,...

  • Gourmet Earl Grey award winning tea.

    Rose Grey Tea $9.70

    A delicate black tea blend with soft vanilla, beaugamont and pink rose petals.

  • Sensual Tea
Romantic Tea for couples.

    Sensual Tea $9.70

    Embark on a romantic journey with our Sensual Tea, a harmonious blend of sweet cinnamon, natural bourbon vanilla, and the alluring taste of candied fruits. Crafted for couples, this relaxing herbal blend features ingredients...

  • South Coast Breakfast Tea
Vanilla Tea
Tea Gift Box

    South Coast Breakfast Tea $9.70

    South Coast breakfast Tea is sweet and creamy. Black tea infused with natural bourban vanilla. Enjoy black or with milk. 40g