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Asian Sesame Dressing

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Maxwell's Treats Asian Sesame Dressing boasts a delightful blend of salty and sweet flavours that perfectly complement each other. This versatile dressing is ideal for adding to noodle and slaw salads, giving them a burst of nutty goodness. It's also fantastic as a dipping sauce for seafood, enhancing its natural flavours with rich sesame undertones. Crafted with care using the finest ingredients, Maxwell's Treats Asian Sesame Dressing is a must-have condiment in any kitchen. Whether you're dressing up a simple salad or adding a finishing touch to your favourite seafood dishes, our dressing will delight your taste buds with its irresistible flavour profile.

  • No artifical colours
  • No artifical flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Free from emulsifiers - Naturally seperating layers may occur. Shake well before use.


Ingredients: canola oil, soy sauce, mirin (glucose, rice, alcohol, corn syrup), rive vinegar, lime juice, sugar, wasabu, sesame oil 3%, salt, pepper.