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The Treat Factory

Chocolates & Lollies

  • Sour Watermelon Straps

    Sour Watermelon Straps $5.50

    Sour Watermelon Straps are bursting with sweet juicy flavour. Soft chewy centres dusted in sugar crystals make these straps hard to say no too. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, wheat flour, invert sugar syrup, vegetable...

  • Sour Rainbow Straps

    Sour Rainbow Straps $5.50

    Sour Rainbow Straps are bright, beautiful and full of flavour. With a dusting of sugar crystals these traditional Sour Straps are always popular. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, wheat flour, corn starch, citric acid,...

  • Sour Peach Feet

    Sour Peach Feet $4.00

    Sour Peach Feet are a fun sweet and sour chewy jelly lolly coated in sugar. Ingredient: corn syrup, water, gelatine, acidulates citric acid, tartaric acid, flavours, colours E120, E133, E141, E161b.

  • Humbugs

    Humbugs $6.00

    Humbugs are an Aniseed flavoured hard lollies. Suck away at this old fashioned boiled sweet. Ingredients: sugar, glucose, flavourings & colours, (123,102,133,142,110,129), food acids (330)

  • Bullseyes

    Bullseyes $6.00

    The traditional candy peppermint bullseye. Full of flavour, for a fresh mouth watering treat. Ingredients: sugar, glucose, flavourings & colours, 123,102,133,142,110,129), food acids (330).

  • Rosy Apples Lolly Pops

    Rosy Apples Lolly Pops $3.50

    Sticky and sweet, traditional Rosy Apple Pops have a joyful cherry and apple flavour. Ingredients; sugar, glucose, colour (100,110,122,130), & flavours

  • Sherbet Lolly Pops

    Sherbet Lolly Pops $3.50

    Tangy and sweet these cute Sherbet Pops in pastel colours are a fun treat for all kids, big and small. This packet contains 8 shertbet pops. Sherbet pop ingredients: dextrose, corn syrup solids &/or maltodrexrins, citric...

  • Grandma's Lollypop

    Grandma's Lollypop $3.00

    Good old Grandma makes the best lolly pops. Classically big and round and full of sweet flavour. You'll be grinning sugar from ear to ear.

  • Spearmint Sticks

    Spearmint Sticks $3.00

    Fresh and sweet, soft and chewy. Old fashioned Spearmint Sticks are always a hit with the sweet tooth. Ingredients: sugar, glucose, water, gelatine, natural and artificial flavours.

  • Musk Sticks

    Musk Sticks $3.00

    Soft, sweet and chewy traditional musk sticks. Ingredients; sugar, wheat glucose, water, gelatine, emulsifier 322, natural and artificial flavours, colours 122, 123, 124.

  • Musk Pencils

    Musk Pencils $3.00

    Sweet musk flavour in a snap and crunch pencil stick. Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Glucose Syrup, Water, Wheat or Corn Starch, Gelatine, Food Acid(330),Flavours, Colours(102,110,122,123,124,1330.Made in Australia

  • Turkish Delight Assorted Gift Box

    Turkish Delight Assorted Gift Box $14.00

    Assorted Fruit Flavoured Turkish Delight elegantly presented in a gift box. Ingredients; sugar, wheat starch, glucose syrup, flavour, colour(120), food acid.

  • Turkish Delight Rose

    Turkish Delight Rose $7.50

    Traditional Turkish Delight with a delicate rose flavour. Perfect squares of rose jelly sweetness dusted with icing sugar. A special treat, perfect for serving after meals at dinner party or at a high tea. Ingredients;...

  • Chocolate Coated Snakes

    Chocolate Coated Snakes $7.00

    Just when you thought snakes couldn't get any better. A must try, one the Treat Factory's best selling product. Plump, juicy, fruit flavoured snakes coated in milk chocolate. Ingredients: milk chocolate, wheat glucose syrup,...

  • Snakes

    Snakes $3.50

    A classic fruity mix of soft, chewy, plump Snakes. Ingredients; wheat glucose, cane sugar, wheat starch, water, gelatine, citric acid (330), flavours, colours ( 102, 110, 122, 123, 133),

  • Party Mix

    Party Mix $5.00

    Perfect for every party, Party Mix has all your soft, chewy lolly favourites. From Snakes, Milk Bottles, Strawberries and Creams, Bananas, Jelly Babies, Jubes and the occasional Black Licorice Cat.   Ingredients:...

  • Strawberry Heart Marshmallow

    Strawberry Heart Marshmallow $5.50

    A divinely cute treat. These Strawberry Heart Marshmallows are delicious to eat and pretty enough to serve at a party, high tea or wedding. Ingredients: glucose, sugar, beef gelatine, dextrose, corn starch, mineral;...

  • Lemon Sherbets

    Lemon Sherbets $7.00

    Lemon Sherbets are sweet, tangy and irresistible. Enjoy the hard lemon candy exterior while looking forward to the old school sherbet blast on the inside.

  • Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans $3.00

    The perfect sugar hit! Make sure you keep these out of sight. Fun, fruity, chewy and sweet, no one can resist these classic Jelly Beans. Ingredients; wheat glucose, cane sugar, wheat starch, water, colours ( 102, 110, 124,).

  • Jelly Bean Black

    Jelly Bean Black $3.00

    No need to scramble over the few Black Jelly Beans in each pack. Buy your own bag of all Black Jelly Beans. These chewy and juicy Black Jelly Beans boast a punchy aniseed flavour. Ingredients; wheat glucose, sugar, wheaten...